Procables, A General Cable Company, Receives PREAD Award For Second Consecutive Year


This December, the District Environmental Excellence Program (PREAD, from its Spanish acronym) of Colombia, South America, held its 15th annual awards ceremony. This ceremony acknowledges the leading environmental performance of businesses and organizations. Procables, a General Cable company based in Colombia, received the highest award of the evening, “Level IV: Elite- Generating Sustainable Development,” for the second consecutive year. This award recognized Procables for their commitment to the protection of the planet and environmental excellence.

19b.pngProcables has willingly participated in this program, conducted by the District Environmental Secretariat, since 2009. This year, Procables achieved a score of 951 out of a possible 1,000, ranking it first out of the 90 other participating companies and bringing home the top award for the second year in a row. Additional to the high award, Procables was also recognized for its “Sustainable Business” project leadership.

The program is designed to promote the continuous environmental performance improvement by business sectors through self-management and self-regulation strategies. These achievements have encouraged Procables to “keep working tirelessly as a company and to achieve environmental sustainability in their city by developing best environmental practices, innovation in their processes, and the continuous improvement of their management system.”

Way to go, Procables team, in being a shining star and setting an amazing example for corporate social responsibility!