General Cable is committed as a worldwide organization to reducing and, where possible, eliminating hazardous substances in our products. This proactive initiative reflects our stewardship to produce more environmentally sustainable products without compromising the high standards of safety and performance. Critical to this endeavor are our Technology Centers, structured to leverage material science opportunities driven by global priorities. It is through these centers that General Cable works to develop innovative products that ensure a minimal impact on the environment over the entire product life cycle. This includes ongoing initiatives to eliminate halogens and solvents, as well as lead stabilizers in PVC sheaths. We have developed environmentally-friendly cables, including:

  • 17 FREE™ is General Cable’s line of halogen-free cables designed to potentially qualify for LEED credits under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Pilot Credit 62 and 54 programs.
  • EmPowr® Link CL offers a lower-cost solution that delivers improved efficiency and an environmentally friendly lead-free construction for renewable energy collection systems.
  • EmPowr® Fill LF is a truly innovative environmentally sound, lead-free filled insulation medium-voltage energy cable that ensures electrical performance over the life of the cable, with demonstrated flexibility characteristics superior to traditional filled insulated cables for easier cable handling during installation that helps reduce cost.
  • ExZhellent® is General Cable's line of halogen-free construction, control and low- and medium-voltage industrial cables used in the European market. The ExZhellent line exceeds the most demanding safety regulations; it does not propagate fire and its minimal fume emissions do not reduce visibility, while the total absence of toxic or corrosive gases in their composition facilitates safe fire evacuation.
  • GenFree® II Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen, Low-Voltage Power Cables with 17 Free Technology General Cable's GenFree® II LSZH cables are designed to be environmentally friendly, offer superior flame resistance, low smoke emission and zero halogens while continuing to provide excellent electrical and mechanical characteristics. General Cable’s GenFree® II cables represent the first cost-effective, Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen industrial power cable solution that meets the stringent VW-1 flame test and demanding electrical requirements of the North American industrial and commercial markets.
  • Lead-Free EPR Industrial Power Cables General Cable has developed a proprietary lead-free EPR insulation for its Industrial power cables that delivers exceptional physical and electrical characteristics and meets or exceeds all industry standard requirements to ensure reliable performance while reducing the overall impact to the environment.  These lead-free cables offer a green, sustainable solution without increasing the cost of the compound or the final product.
  • Sectorflex® cables are fitted with flexible sector-shaped conductors that reduce the overall cable diameter by at least 10%, taking up less space in trays and encouraging more effective heat dissipation, as well as decrease the weight of the cable by 11%, among other features. The Sectorflex solution retains its characteristics and features while consuming fewer materials and productive resources.
  • Segurfire®: Low-voltage fire-resistant cables designed to IEC and BS standards. Segurfire guarantees circuit integrity even when directly affected by fire. Their safety characteristics also reduce to a minimum the risks associated with fire spread and noxious effects. 
  • ATOX® FLEX, ECOEXZHEL® and EVAFLEX® are General Cable’s PDIC lines of low-smoke, halogen-free construction cables for the building wire segment in Latin America. These cables are recommended for locations with a high concentration of people like shopping malls, cinemas, subway stations, schools, airports, etc. The low emission of smoke and total absence of toxic gases facilitates the evacuation of people in case of fire.