As a global leader in the wire and cable industry, General Cable has long been committed to creating shared value for our company, including our associates, shareholders and stakeholders, and the communities we serve and operate in through sustainability, health and safety, citizenship and innovation. Over the years, we have had success in reducing our impact on the environment, making safety a core value throughout our organization, integrating our strong ethical values into our daily business activities and introducing innovative and more environmentally friendly products. While we are pleased with our progress thus far, our strong commitment to continuous improvement empowers our company to continuously examine our business and develop new strategies that create long-term shared value for our company and the communities in which we serve.


We recognize that our business has an impact on the environment, and to reduce this impact, we incorporate responsible practices into our daily business operations around the world. At General Cable, preserving the environment through the reduction of energy consumption, the elimination of or substantial decrease in the use of hazardous materials and recycling is part of our continuous improvement culture, from the design of our products to the operations at our manufacturing sites. All of our plants have facility-specific waste reduction objectives, addressing areas such as energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, recycling, and waste and packaging reduction. Our culture has always been characterized by “Lean” thinking, and the elimination of waste is a priority throughout our company. Our teams strive to deploy manufacturing processes that consume less energy and fewer raw materials while still maintaining the highest level of quality that satisfies our customers’ needs and delivers maximum value.

For many years, General Cable has been committed to meeting or exceeding environmental and safety regulations worldwide. We continually strive to reduce our environmental impact and to respect and protect the environments where we live and work, from the local neighborhood to the entire planet. We applaud and encourage the efforts of all our associates throughout our facilities that support our continued commitment to be an environmentally conscious company.


Safety is at the very core of our manufacturing excellence and is an integral part of our industry leadership and performance. In the past, we have primarily focused on preventing injury by engineering solutions to inherent risks, such as the elimination of open-blade knife use, reel handling assist devices, revamped machine guards and sound abatement, just to name a few. While we continue to evaluate engineering solutions to these types of risks, we are also training our associates on consequence thinking to further enhance our safety culture and remind associates to reduce unintended consequences by eliminating unsafe behaviors and acts. We believe this combined approach to safety will allow us to achieve our safety vision of Zero & Beyond — because nothing else is acceptable!

Citizenship & Integrity

Being responsible citizens in the communities we operate in and service is of the utmost importance to us. Our commitment to ethical business practices and the fair treatment of our customers, associates, neighbors and competitors has long been one of our core values. In all of our global facilities, our associates, with the support of our company and leaders, are committed to improving the communities in which we live and work through volunteer activities and financial support. As we look to the future, we are committed to doing our part as a socially responsible global citizen.


General Cable has a responsibility to develop new and innovative solutions designed to reduce and, when possible, eliminate hazardous substances in our products. We recognize this responsibility and are committed to producing more environmentally sustainable products without compromising the high standards of safety and performance our customers and neighbors expect.

General Cable has also invested heavily in developing products to support the renewable energy market with our comprehensive wire and cable solutions. Our support of alternative energy sources and developing innovative products to further enhance the feasibility of wind, solar and hydroelectric energy sources continue to strengthen General Cable as a socially responsible global organization.

For many years, General Cable has been committed to creating long-term shared value for our company and the communities which we serve. We have now embarked upon sharing our journey and commitment with our stakeholders and look forward to updating you on our progress through this web site.