Copper Communications Cable

Our wide range of low-smoke, zero-halogen COMMODORE® copper communications cables meet the mandatory flame-retardant requirements of IEC 60332-3-22. These ABS Type approved and ETL confirmed cables feature a mechanically enhanced construction for installation in cable tray as an interconnect cable and in a vessels’ quarters area.

For applications ranging from voice and data, to security and programmable logic control (PLC), COMMODORE data communications category cables provide you with a hardy platform for reliable IP-based information transfer in onshore and offshore production facilities.

Ideal for monitoring and surveillance, our COMMODORE coaxial communication and video monitoring cables are available in armored and sheathed designs for use in legacy process control and PDP coaxial communication applications where performance is critical.

COMMODORE control cables for Profibus, Fieldbus and DeviceNet protocols provide reliable communications and control between a variety of systems and equipment in onshore and offshore applications.

COMMODORE® Copper Communications Cable Offerings:
COMMODORE® Category Communication Cables COMMODORE® Coaxial Communication and Video Monitoring Cables COMMODORE® Control Cables

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