Wire & Cable Products

Automotive wires and cables are used in wiring harness assemblies for passenger, performance and race cars; light, medium, heavy and industrial trucks; motorcycles; buses; agricultural equipment; recreational vehicles; construction equipment; rail equipment; and off-road vehicles.  General Cable produces this and more, including wire used in ignition systems.

Our Prestolite Wire® Brand of standard and specialty cables are engineered, innovative solutions developed in response to customer and market requirements.  We predominately serve the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) as well as Tier I and Tier II suppliers and OEM distribution partners who serve the transportation market. 

General Cable’s Automotive wire and cable products are available in a variety of gauges, lengths and packaging options. Contact us at prestolitewire@generalcable.com to learn more.

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Battery Cable

General Cable’s Prestolite Wire Brand of Battery Cable products are used in a variety of vehicles that include cars, trucks, buses, marine, tractors and off-road vehicles and industrial equipment.

Battery cable is a low-voltage solution for automotive, agricultural and construction electrical connection applications. Our shielded battery cable products support the growing need of flexible yet reliable solutions to reduce electrical noise and increased temperatures on a multitude of high-voltage and low-voltage applications.

General Cable provides a full range of gauge- and metric-sized battery cable that meets or exceeds SAE and ISO specifications.  These products are available in both copper and aluminum constructions and range in temperature from 85°C – 200°C.

To learn more about our EPDM 105 C Battery Cable, click here.

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Primary Wire

Prestolite Wire® Brand offers one of the widest ranges of low-voltage primary wire available in the industry. Our product offering includes not only standard products, but also those produced for use in specific automotive OEM specifications and custom applications.

General Cable’s primary wire is used for automotive point-to-point electrical connection and is ideal for general purpose wiring in automobiles, boats, trucks, buses, tractors, trailers and other motor-driven equipment. We offer a variety of gauge sizes, permanent colors and packaging options to meet the needs of OEM and Distributor customers. Prestolite Wire Brand primary wire meets or exceeds SAE and ISO specifications.  The products are available in both copper and aluminum constructions and range in temperature from 85°C – 200°C.

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Multi-Conductor Cable

Automotive Multi-Conductor Cable is used for sensor assemblies in passenger cars, trucks, buses, marine equipment, or any vehicle where heat, flexibility and resistance to chemicals and abrasion are required. CAN Bus (J1939) wire products are used in a variety of databus applications for the transportation, construction, recreational vehicle, industrial and marine markets.

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Specialty Cable

General Cable has a wide range of specialty products ranging from ABS brakes and shielded CAN Bus wire products for signal and power, to transmission wire and a variety of other high-temp applications.

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Aluminum Products

Our entire line of Prestolite Wire Brand battery and primary wire products are also available with an Aluminum conductor.

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EV Cable (LV, HV, TPE, Rubber)

General Cable’s line of Carol® Brand CarolGrene Ultra Flex® EV Cable supplies charging power for electric vehicles on the market today and is compatible with commercial and residential charging applications using the SAE J1772 specification.

The CarolGrene Ultra Flex line, when terminated in accordance with electric vehicle industry standards, is the most comprehensive product offering with three standard jacket types:  EV All-Rubber Jacket, EVE Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Jacket and EVT Polyvinylchloride (PV) Jacket.