Multi-Conductor Power Cable (600 V & 2000 V)

Polyrad® multi-conductor wire and cables combine superior electrical properties and performance to meet industry specifications for advanced rapid transit, locomotive and off-road equipment applications while offering all the features and benefits you need to succeed.

Polyrad XT multi-conductor shielded and non-shielded rapid transit and locomotive car cables are rated at 125°C and supplied in both 600 and 2000 Volt constructions. With its superior performance, reduced weight and smaller diameters, Polyrad ULTRA is the next generation of cable for sophisticated train applications where space is at a premium. These Ultra singles are designed into multi-conductor 600 Volt constructions rated at 125˚C to meet a variety of high-density cabling applications.

When it comes to specifying multi-conductor power cables that can handle extreme conditions, high-performance Polyrad cables ensure you are specifying maximum dependability and mechanical toughness. 

Polyrad® Rail & Transit Cable Offerings:

Polyrad® XT Multi-Conductor Cable Product

Polyrad® ULTRA Multi-Conductor Cable Product

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