Data Communications Cable

Voice and data communications play a critical role in today’s rail and transit applications, including on-board Internet access and entertainment to maintain customer loyalty. As a global supplier of communications cables, our category 5e shielded cable for on-car transit applications is designed with high-performance materials that ensure you are providing safety and reliability through fire retardancy, low toxic fume emissions, robustness and dependability. Our wide variety of transit data communications cables meet UL 1581 VW-1 flammability requirements, ASTM E662 smoke density, and Boeing BSS 7239 and Bombardier SMP 800-C toxicity standards.

Available in multi-conductor, coaxial, and shielded twisted pair designs, these transit data communications cables are engineered with outstanding thermal stability at elevated temperatures, as well as excellent performance in sub-zero conditions. An extra-tough irradiated thermoset jacket provides resistance to most oils, chemicals, and moisture but still allows for flexibility and free stripping.

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