Nuclear Cable

ULTROL® 60+ - safe, reliable, advanced nuclear cable solutions for the next 60 years and beyond

General Cable’s ULTROL® 60+ Cable Solutions for Generation III+ and Legacy Nuclear Power Facilities

Advanced Reliability, Safety and Sustainability

With a 40-year track record of providing optimized nuclear cables with proven reliability, performance and safety, we continue to meet the needs of your facilities both today and into the future. As a strong proponent of energy independence, alternative energy and sustainability, you can count on our technology-driven nuclear cable designs to provide an infrastructure for long-standing nuclear power operation under current design conditions.

Innovation for Next Generation Nuclear Power
Backed by a commitment to understand and solve your nuclear application challenges, we help you meet the most rigorous requirements for modifications, upgrades and new construction of nuclear facilities. Based on a combination of the original  ULTROL® technology and unsurpassed compounding capabilities, ULTROL® 60+ Class 1E safety-related, and non-Class 1E safety-significant and non-safety related medium- and low-voltage cables, meet the needs of nuclear power facilities for 60 years and beyond.

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