Welding Cable

General Cable offers Carolprene® and Super Vu-Tron® welding cable for use in secondary voltage resistance welding leads. 

Carolprene welding cable, which is RoHS Compliant, is available in 6 AWG through 500 kcmil fully annealed stranded bare copper (Class K constructions) and features good flexibility, abrasion resistance and has a jacket with excellent color retention.

Super Vu-Tron Type RHH/RHW welding cable, which may also be used in power supply applications not exceeding 600 Volts AC, are offered in 6 AWG through 4/0 fully annealed stranded bare copper (Class M).  Sizes 1/0 and larger may be used for permanent wiring or power leads of 600 V in conduit, raceways or trays.  As with all Super Vu-Tron constructions offered by General Cable, the cable has excellent flexibility, superior abrasion resistance, resists oils, solvents and ozone; and is available with a Safety Orange jacket for high visability.  It is CSA, UL and MSHA approved; meets the UL Vertical Flame Flame test per UL 854; and is RoHS Compliant.

Carol® Brand Welding Cable