Portable & Temporary Power Cord and Cordsets

General Cable's Carol® Brand is the most recognized name in flexible cord for temporary power, whether its plastic, rubber or specialty constructions, in applications requiring 600 Volts or less. The extensive line includes portable cord, cordsets, portable power cable and premium-grade cable for commercial and industrial applications, including for use on constructions sites, in plants and factories, or entertainment venues.

Designations for Portable Cord products include:
  • S = Service rated to 600 V
  • J = Junior service rated to 300 V
  • V = Vacuum Cord rated to 300 V
  • E = Elastomer (plastic) jacket
  • O = Oil-resistant jacket
  • OO = Oil-resistant inner conductor insulation and outer jacket
  • W = Water-resistant jacket; appropriate for outdoor use (NOTE: W designation is not the same as Type W Portable Cord, which is also available)
General Cable has a complete line of Carol Brand portable cord products, including: SOW, SOOW, SJOW, SJOOW, SJOW, SJEO, STOW, SJTOW, SJEOW and SJT.  Contact a General Cable representative for additional information at (800) 243-8020 or see our product details below.

Rubber Cord

Rugged, flexible constructions for temporary power in harsh environments. More >>

Plastic Cord

Thermoplastic designs for commercial and industrial applications where temporary power is needed. More >>

Welding Cable

Secondary voltage resistance welding leads for applications not exceeding 600 V. More >>