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Introducing TransPowr® with E3X Technology, the utility industry’s first heat-dissipating conductor that optimizes the power grid by adding more capacity and controlling losses, ultimately resulting in improved sustainability, reliability and resilience with significant first-cost and long-term operational savings!

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Whether your project calls for all-aluminum, aluminum alloys, steel-reinforced, composite core, trapezoidal (TW) shape or specialized T-2® twisted pair, our extensive line of TransPowr® overhead transmission conductors are available in a variety of aluminum and steel stranding combinations. Manufactured and tested in accordance with ASTM or CSA specifications, 100% recyclable TransPowr overhead conductors help you ensure maximum line efficiency and long-lasting reliability for current and future power transmission systems.

Several of these overhead conductors are prime examples of our commitment to provide you with affordable, relevant innovations that optimize your energy infrastructures. With its ability to operate at higher temperatures without detriment to its mechanical properties and with significantly less sag, TransPowr ACSS allows for much higher ampacity ratings. Our TransPowr T-2 conductors feature two standard round conductors twisted around each other to effectively resist wind-induced motion.

Whatever your transmission need, we provide engineering and technical support to ensure that you have the most economical and effective overhead conductor design for your application and environment.

TransPowr® Bare Overhead Transmission Conductor – ASTM   Specifications and other Overhead Wires (U.S. Designs)  USA-Flag_web.jpg

TransPowr® Bare Overhead Transmission Conductor and other Canadian-Flag_web.jpgOverhead Wires – CSA or ASTM Specifications (Canadian Designs)

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