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General Cable is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of cables for power generation from fossil fuels including natural gas, oil and coal to nuclear, wind, solar, hydro, biomass or tidal. To compete in today’s cost-driven and deregulated marketplace, companies designing, building and equipping power-generation facilities can benefit from a single source for high-quality products, technical support and service.

General Cable offers a complete line of instrumentation, power, control, copper and fiber optic communications, and specialty cables for power generation from fossil fuels. Our low-voltage power and control tray cables, featuring our FREP®, CHTC® and CVTC® products are used for power distribution and control circuit applications for instrumentation circuits in generating stations.

Our GenFree® II Low-Smoke-Zero-Halogen cables are ideally suited for utility applications where maximum performance is required, where space is limited, and where more stringent specifications for smoke and halogen-free materials are required.

Other custom application cables include General Cable’s lead-free EPR insulation medium-voltage cables to reduce the environmental footprint of power generation operations.

Backed by a commitment to understand and solve your nuclear application challenges, we help you meet the most rigorous cable requirements for modifications, upgrades and new construction of nuclear facilities. ULTROL® 60+ Class 1E and non-Class 1E medium- and low-voltage cables meet the needs of nuclear power facilities for 60 years and beyond.

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With the increasing role of renewable sources in power generation, General Cable offers a wide range of products that convert natural resources to energy. From copper power and control to aluminum URD and overhead power transmission and distribution cables, we continue to develop cable solutions for the wind and solar power industries.

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General Cable supports power generation equipment manufacturers by supplying them with bulk portable cord constructions as well as specialty connectorized assemblies. Products such as our Industrial low-voltage constructions, as well as our Carol® Brand Portable Power Cord may be used with standard and custom-built power generation equipment such as low-maintenance, quiet-run generators; back-up power generators; onboard generators for ships or dockside applications; portable generators used in construction applications and other specialized power generation equipment.

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