Medium-Voltage Primary Distribution Cable

When it comes to reliably delivering electricity to meet the increasing demands of your customers, look no further than our full line of EmPowr® medium-voltage underground and shielded power cables for 5 kV – 46 kV primary distribution lines.

Manufactured and tested in accordance with ANSI/ICEA S-94-649 for copper concentric neutral and flat strap power cable designs, or ANSI/ICEA S-97-682 for copper wire, copper tape and longitudinally applied corrugated copper tape (LACT) shielded power cable designs, EmPowr medium-voltage distribution cables are available with a variety of insulation and jacketing compounds. Our cables can also be manufactured and tested in accordance with CSA C68.5.

Our EmPowr Fill cables with Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) filled insulations provide excellent heat aging, wet electrical stability and flexibility for your most heavily-loaded circuits. They are also available with a lead-free ethylene-alkene copolymer (EAM) insulation that offers the same proven performance while meeting ever-increasing environmental regulatory requirements. Using the most advanced TRXLPE insulation available, our EmPowr Link cables offer high dielectric strength with the lowest loss for maximum service life in high-volume underground systems. And our innovative EmPowr Link CL TRXLPE insulated XLPE jacketed cables features optimal-size copper concentric neutrals with enhanced thermomechanical performance that achieves lower line losses in a lightweight, compact cable.

EmPowr® Medium-Voltage Primary Distribution Cable (U.S. USA-Flag_web.jpgDesigns)

EmPowr® Medium-Voltage Primary Distribution Cable (Canadian  Canadian-Flag_web.jpgDesigns)

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