RW90/RWU90 High Speed (HS) Copper Cable

General Cable RW90 and RWU90 High Speed (HS) copper building wire products are used in outdoor wiring that is exposed to the weather, and in raceways (except cable trays) in dry, damp or wet locations per the Canadian Electrical Code. Consisting of full color, single-conductor copper cable with Cross-linked Polyethylene insulation, these cables are rated at 90°C wet or dry and meet both bend and cold impact tests at -40°C.

Our RW90 cable is suited for 600 volts above-ground wiring, while our RWU90 cable provides a reliable solution for service entrance below ground applications. High Speed (HS) cables feature a specially designed XLPE insulation that allows for fast and easy cable pulls - 8 AWG and larger. 

Link to: Spec Sheets 5500/5600, RW90/RWU90 High Speed (HS) Cable