Leading Tomorrow's Technology with Superior Compounds

Indianapolis Compounds is a state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2008 certified compounding facility that is dedicated to the production of highly advanced wire and cable compounds that set the standards for the industry. We specialize in high-performance and ultra-clean insulation, semi-conductive shield and jacket compounds for low-, medium- and high-voltage cables that service the Electric Utility, Industrial and Specialty markets.

Our commitment to innovation and quality makes us global leaders in cable compounds. You not only benefit from high-performance, cost-effective compounds, but equally from our customized compounding services, a proven track record of field performance, and unsurpassed commitment to quality assurance. All of our processes are automated and continuously monitored meeting the strictest standards in the industry. The end results ― compounds with a unique combination of good process-ability and outstanding physical, electrical and flame properties.

Contact Indianapolis Compounds for your cable material requirements, and learn how our semi-conductive and insulation compounds are designed to work together to give you a high-performance cable.

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