Category 6A 10 Gig Cable

General Cable recognizes that application and performance needs may vary, which is why we offer you several copper 10 Gigabit solutions: GenSPEED® 10 MTP™ Cat 6A 10 Gig Cable for standard and high-power PoE applications; GenSPEED® 10 UTP Cat 6A 10 Gig Cable; GenSPEED® 10,000 Shielded Cat 6A 10 Gig Cable; and 17 FREE® halogen-free riser Cat 6A, 6 and 5e cables.

Introducing the Industry's Smallest Cat 6A Cables

General Cable’s industry-leading 10 Gig solution, GenSPEED® 10 MTP Category 6A Cable, provides superior alien crosstalk protection and EMI Immunity in the industry’s smallest Cat 6A Cables. GenSPEED® 10 MTP’s Variable Mossaic Lasser Cut Tape shields the cable from noise coming from external cable sources, which is referred to as alien crosstalk (PSANEXT and PSAACRF). Its improved design, lighter weight and increased flexibility translates to simplified cable handling and optimized cable management: less conduit, less cable tray and more cable in existing conduit and trays which lowers overall project costs.
Our second offering, GenSPEED®10 UTP Category 6A Cable, is a cost-effective, standard-compliant 10 Gig UTP featuring the smallest diameter in the industry with guaranteed performance that meets or exceeds all TIA Standards. Perfect for component upgrades, this cable is fully backward-compatible to legacy infrastructures and prepares your system for future 10 Gigabit applications. GenSPEED® 10 solves the One Gigabit limitation of Category 5e and Category 6 and is an ideal solution for bandwidth-intensive applications. Its smaller diameter allows for greater cable density, reducing cable management costs.
Next, General Cable offers two shielded options in Category 6A. GenSPEED® 10,000 U/FTP is designed with individually shielded pairs for optimized isolation and immunity from external noise characterized by power sum alien crosstalk (PSANEXT) in cable bundles. GenSPEED® 10,000 F/UTP is an overall shield design. Shields are an extremely effective way of protecting the cable from outside noise (“alien sources”) by moving the electromagnetic energy away from the pairs and directing it through the shield and drain wire to the ground. Of course, U/FTP and F/UTP cables are only effective if they are properlygrounded. GenSPEED® 10,000 Shielded cables offer you the ultimate PSANEXT protection.
Future-proof your cabling system today with GenSPEED® Brand 10 Gig solutions from General Cable.

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