Wire Products

Wire products are small-size distribution wires used as the last link in bringing telecommunication services to the subscriber. These services can incorporate voice, data and video channels.  Our products are used in constructions from one pair to six pairs and are made for either self-supported aerial or buried service applications.

Aerial Services Wires are supported by either an integral steel wire, glass fibers imbedded in the jacket, or by the use of high tensile copper-clad steel conductors.

Buried Service Products are water-resistant and can be made with different shielding materials for mechanical protection during installation and against damage by rodents. All Buried Service Wire is equipped with sequential footage markings.

Finally, Multi-pair Aerial and Filled Service Wires manufactured by General Cable have the transmission performance capability of 100 Ohms, Category 3 Horizontal UTP Cables specified in TIA/EIA-568-C.

Wire Products Offering: