Central Office Products

General Cable is a highly recognized manufacturer of a comprehensive line of Central Office cable. As a primary national supplier, our top-quality product line includes cables with the ability to run both analog and digital services. General Cable’s preferred central office cables are engineered for T1, DS1, DS1C, DS2 and other broadband services.

Designed to provide the optimum in performance, the products’ transmission, physical and mechanical characteristics are committed to the highest standards of product quality. All of these cables provide enhanced crosstalk and attenuation performance for customers who need broadband solutions.

In addition, Telcordia test reports are available upon request for the terminating cable line of products. With extended experience in the field of cross-connect wires, General Cable provides a variety of indoor and outdoor UL-listed cross-connect and distributing frame wire for interconnecting equipment and supplying service in central offices, distribution cabinets and point-to-point hookups.

Wire Products Offering: