Interconnect Fiber Cable

NextGen® Brand Fiber Optic Interconnect Cables can be used for horizontal fiber-to-the-desk (FTTD) cabling or can be terminated into pigtails and patchcords. To serve the new market evolution into high-density cabling and terminations, we offer an extended cable product line that is compatible with all of the new connection systems, such as MT-RJ, MTP, LC and other Small Form Factor (SFF) components.

General Cable’s Interconnect cables are generally one- or two-fiber cable constructions for use in horizontal runs (FTTD), as patchcords in communication closets and for OEM assemblies. These cables are constructed to easily terminate with industry-standard connectors such as the SC and the ST, as well as the new generation of Small Form Factor (SFF) connector designs.

Our NextGen Brand Low fiber count (≤2) cables with riser (OFNR) or plenum (OFNP) listings comprise this family of cables.  These interconnect cables are constructed to have the proper geometry to mate with industry-standard terminations. Generally, no breakout or splitter kits are required. The cables are very small and flexible so that they may be incorporated into high-density cable management systems.

NextGen® Brand Interconnect Fiber Cable Offering: