Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Cable

NextGen® Brand Fiber Optic Indoor/Outdoor Cables are designed to meet both the stringent environmental requirements typical of outside plant cable AND the flammability requirements of premise applications.

Whether primarily for indoor or outdoor use, General Cable has an impressive choice of products that have the ability to route from either a plenum or riser building space to an outdoor run. This eliminates the costly and space-consuming transition point at the building entrance and improves the system loss budget. These cables are most efficient when used to directly connect equipment rooms (on any floor) in different buildings or to connect a manhole location to an equipment room.

Our Indoor/outdoor fiber optic cables include loose tube (dry or gel-filled) and tight buffer (900 μm) designs, with constructions available in a variety of configurations and jacket types to cover riser and plenum requirements for indoor cable and the ability to be run in duct, direct buried or aerial/lashed in the outside plant. They reduce the system cost by eliminating splice points, simplifying cable handling and gaining flexibility with the choice of building entrances. All NextGen Brand cables meet appropriate NEC requirements and are listed with ETL. Tight buffer designs allow direct termination of fibers with industry-standard connectors and techniques. Loose tube designs provide more fiber protection in harsh outdoor environments and are readily spliced to existing outside plant cables. Most indoor/ outdoor fiber optic cables utilize Dry Water Block technology in the cable core to protect the fibers and provide fast, clean fiber preparation.

NextGen® Brand Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Cable Offering: