Introducing GenSPEED 10 Cat 6A Solutions

Introducing the New Generation
of Small Diameter Category 6A Cables

For more than a century and a half, General Cable has stayed ahead of the industry’s changing needs with products that meet future performance requirements and provide vest value in cabling solutions, which is why we are pleased to introduce the new generation of small diameter GenSPEED® 10 Category 6A Solutions.
With a revolutionary design developed to find the perfect blend of product performance and product size, the new GenSPEED® 10 Category 6A Cables is the industry’s first Category 6A Cable to feature a record-breaking 0.230” overall diameter with enhanced performance and maneuverability. Its innovative technology and reduced size are perfect for migrating to a Cat 6A infrastructure, allowing for improved cable management, installation, handling and preparing your system for 10 Gigabit applications.
GenSPEED-10-Cable-Tray-Illustration.jpg     GenSPEED-10-Conduit-Illustration.jpg
The first Cat 6A Cable to feature 0.230" OD allowing for easier installation and increased cabling fill capacity: less tray, and more cable in existing trays, which lowers overall costs. The reduced diameter translates to simplified cable management. GenSPEED 10 is the only cable to allow up to 142 cables in a 4" conduit.
GS10.png GS10-2.png

GenSPEED 10 standard packaging allows 36 reels per pallet, a tremendous improvement over other Cat 6A products which allow as few as 12 reels per pallet.  Either in the warehouse or on the job site, GenSPEED 10 allows you to store more product in the same footprint.

GC-Pallet-Copy-(2).png Comp-Pallet-06-Copy.png
GenSPEED 10, a lighter cable that allows more reels per pallet, can help improve transportation efficiency and costs.  In a competitive market, when controlling costs means winning business, General Cable can help you win!
GC-Truck-Copy.png Comp-Truck-Copy.png
At only 32 lbs of cable per reel, GenSPEED 10 is significantly lighter weight than other cables on the market.  The lighter cable is easier to manage when loading trucks or moving around a job site and can help reduce the risk of worksite injuries. 
GC-Man-Copy.png Competitor-Man-Copy.png

GenSPEED® Brand 10 Gig Cable Offerings:

General Cable’s industry-leading 10 Gig solution, GenSPEED® 10 MTP Category 6A Cable, provides superior alien crosstalk protection and EMI Immunity in the industry’s smallest Cat 6A Cables. GenSPEED® 10 MTP’s Variable Mossaic  Cut Tape shields the cable from the noise coming from external cable sources, which is referred to as alien crosstalk (PSANEXT and PSAACRF). Its improved design, lighter weight, and increased flexibility translate to simplified cable handling and optimized cable management: less conduit, less cable tray and more cable in existing conduit and trays which lowers overall project costs.
Our second offering, GenSPEED®10 UTP Category 6A Cable, is a cost-effective, standard-compliant 10 Gig UTP featuring the smallest diameter in the industry with guaranteed performance that meets or exceeds all TIA Standards. Perfect for component upgrades, this cable is fully backward-compatible to legacy infrastructures and prepares your system for future 10 Gigabit applications. GenSPEED® 10 solves the One Gigabit limitation of Cat 5e and Cat 6 and is an ideal solution for bandwidth-intensive applications. Its smaller diameter allows for greater cable density, reducing cable management costs.


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