For more than 100 years, we have pioneered the design and manufacture of high-performance wire and cable products that bring power to people all over the world. Whether delivering power overhead, underground or under the sea generated from coal-based, natural gas, oil, nuclear, wind, solar or hydro energy sources, we offer you the most comprehensive product portfolio as the leading supplier to the electrical grid.

Our engineering expertise consistently delivers innovative solutions that set industry benchmarks in performance, reliability, safety and environmental sustainability to meet the demand of today’s evolving energy infrastructure and keep your utility up and running.

Our transmission, distribution, substation and generation conductor and cable products are backed by our dedication to providing consistent quality, unsurpassed service and maximum value so that you have the power of a strong partnership to help you succeed in the always evolving energy market.

Power Distribution

Safe, reliable power to industrial, commercial and residential customers everywhere.
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Power Generation

Chosen to withstand severe physical conditions at power generation facilities.
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Power Transmission

Reliable, cost-effective energy delivered overhead, underground or under the sea.
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Performance for the most demanding power substation requirements.
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