CPR Declaration of Performance

Communications and Control Cable - Multi-Conductor

General Cable Part Number CE DoP Unique Identification Code DoP PDF
C0431A GCC1023M DoP
C0432A GCC1095M DoP
C0433A GCC1024M DoP
C0434A GCC1096M DoP
C0435A GCC1097M DoP
C0436A GCC1098M DoP
C0437A GCC1099M DoP
C0438A GCC1100M DoP
C0439A GCC1101M DoP
C0440A GCC1025M DoP
C0450A GCC1102M DoP
C0451A GCC1103M DoP
C0452A GCC1104M DoP
C0453A GCC1105M DoP
C0454A GCC1106M DoP
C0455A GCC1107M DoP
C0456A GCC1108M DoP
C0457A GCC1026M DoP
C0458A GCC1109M DoP
C0459A GCC1110M DoP
C0681A GCC1031M DoP
C0685A GCC1016M DoP
C0765A GCC1032M DoP
C0971A GCC1113M DoP
C0972A GCC1114M DoP
C0973A GCC1115M DoP
C0974A GCC1116M DoP
C0976A GCC1117M DoP
C0977A GCC1118M DoP
C2404A GCC1119M DoP
C2409A GCC1120M DoP
C2410A GCC1121M DoP
C2412A GCC1006M DoP
C2420A GCC1005M DoP
C2421A GCC1122M DoP
C2422A GCC1007M DoP
C2423A GCC1123M DoP
C2424A GCC1124M DoP
C2425A GCC1125M DoP
C2426A GCC1126M DoP
C2429A GCC1037M DoP
C2430A GCC1127M DoP
C2514A GCC1038M DoP
C2523A GCC1128M DoP
C2524A GCC1129M DoP
C2525A GCC1130M DoP
C2526A GCC1039M DoP
C2528A GCC1131M DoP
C2534A GCC1040M DoP
C2535A GCC1132M DoP
C2538A GCC1133M DoP
C2539A GCC1041M DoP
C4127A GCC1042M DoP
C4193A GCC1044M DoP
C4200A GCC1134M DoP
C4204A GCC1135M DoP
C4205A GCC1046M DoP
C4207A GCC1136M DoP

Communications and Control Cable - Multi-Paired

GC Part Number CE DoP Unique Identification Code DoP PDF
C0516A GCC1029M DoP
C0521A GCC1041M DoP
C0841A GCC1021M DoP
C0842A GCC1033M DoP
C0890A GCC1034M DoP
C0910A GCC1111M DoP
C0911A GCC1084M DoP
C0912A GCC1035M DoP
C1331A GCC1013M DoP
C1352A GCC1036M DoP
C4185A GCC1043M DoP
C4203A GCC1045M DoP
C4841A GCC1052M DoP
C4842A GCC1012M DoP
C6040A GCC1008B DoP
C6047A GCC1009M DoP
C8651 GCC1640J DoP

EXZEL High-Endurance Cables - Multi-Conductor, Multi-Pair

GC Part Number CE DoP Unique Identification Code DoP PDF
C9000A GCC1054M DoP
C9013A GCC1055M DoP
C9014A GCC1056M DoP
C9020A GCC1057M DoP
C9021A GCC1058M DoP
C9023A GCC1059M DoP
C9027A GCC1018M DoP
C9030A GCC1060M DoP
C9032A GCC1016M DoP
C9033A GCC1062M DoP
C9034A GCC1063M DoP
C9035A GCC1064M DoP
C9036A GCC1010M DoP
C9038ZH GCC1617J DoP
C9042A GCC1065M DoP
C9045A GCC1066M DoP
C9050A GCC1014M DoP
C9109A GCC1067M DoP
C9111A GCC1081M DoP
C9112A GCC1082M DoP
C9113A GCC1068M DoP
C9114A GCC1069M DoP
C9115A GCC1070M DoP
C9131A GCC1071M DoP
C9133A GCC1072M DoP
C9134A GCC1073M DoP
C9135A GCC1074M DoP
C9140A GCC1075M DoP
C9143A GCC1076M DoP
C9145A GCC1020M DoP
C9228A GCC1077M DoP
C9230A GCC1078M DoP
C9231A GCC1079M DoP
C9233A GCC1080M DoP
C9420A GCC1159M DoP
C9304ZH GCC1619J DoP

Sound Alarm (Fire) and Security Cable

  GC Part Number CE DoP Unique Identification Code DoP PDF
  4EPL1S.38.05 GCC1625M DoP
  4ERS1S.38.07 GCC1628M DoP
  4ERS4S.38.07 GCC1632M DoP
  92847A GCC1022M DoP
  C0491 GCC1027M DoP
  C4304A GCC1137M DoP
  C4305A GCC1138M DoP
  C4306A GCC1139M DoP
  C4307A GCC1011M DoP
  C4308A GCC1017M DoP
  C4310A GCC1019M DoP
  C4313A GCC1049M DoP
  C4321A GCC1140M DoP
  C4322A GCC1141M DoP
  C4323A GCC1142M DoP
  C4324A GCC1143M DoP
  C4325A GCC1144M DoP
  C4326A GCC1145M DoP
  C4334A GCC1146M DoP
  C4335A GCC1147M DoP
  C4336A GCC1148M DoP
  C4337A GCC1149M DoP
  C4344A GCC1150M DoP
  C4345A GCC1151M DoP
  C4346A GCC1152M DoP
  C4347A GCC1153M DoP
  C4349A GCC1154M DoP
  C4350A GCC1155M DoP
  C4404A GCC1156M DoP
  C4406A GCC1157M DoP
  C4408 GCC1049M DoP
  C4408ST GCC1050M DoP
  C4412 GCC1051M DoP
  C4412ST GCC1158M DoP
  E1034S (AIA Armor) GCC1499J DoP
  E1052S (AIA Armor) GCC1500J DoP
  E1062S (AIA Armor) GCC1501J DoP
  E3512S (AIA Armor) GCC1502J DoP

Coaxial Cable

GC Part Number CE DoP Unique Identification Code DoP PDF
395011 GCC1642J DoP
495025 GCC1649J DoP
495028 GCC1636J DoP
93065 GCC1045J DoP
C1156 GCC1003J DoP
C3529 GCC1627J DoP
C8001 GCC1630J DoP
C8028 - AIA Armor GCC1495J DoP
CO10C0014701 GCC1117J DoP
DBRF195 GCC1033J DoP
DBRF200 GCC1210J DoP
DBRF240 GCC1022J DoP
DBRF400 GCC1035J DoP

Specialty Cable

GC Part Number CE DoP Unique Identification Code DoP PDF
02220 GCC1066J DoP
CO13C0012170 GCC1121J DoP
CO14C0012170 GCC1125J DoP
CO18C0012170 GCC1047J DoP
CO22C0011162 GCC1168J DoP
CP5.A3 GCC1200J DoP
CP6.A3 GCC1202J DoP
CR5.30 GCC1205J DoP
EO18P0055337 GCC1262J DoP
EO22P0011203 GCC1291J DoP
EO24P0022186 GCC1318J DoP
EO24P0022188 GCC1038J DoP
EO24P0042186 GCC1048J DoP
EO24P0082186 GCC1330J DoP
GCR1304 GCC1638J DoP
GCR1304F GCC1644J DoP
GCR1305 GCC1637J DoP
GCR1309 GCC1646J DoP
GCR1314D GCC1039J DoP
GCR1317 GCC1645J DoP
GCR1318 GCC1527J DoP
GCR1319 GCC1528J DoP
GCR1472 GCC1387J DoP
X5912246 GCC1010J DoP
ZO16P0022189 GCC1020J DoP