Bare Conductors & Rod

The bare conductors include wires (one strand) and cables (7, 19 or 37 strands arranged helically, by way of a rope) that they do not use isolation. The quantity of wire strands contributes to greater flexibility and the ability to build larger conductors sections that are obtained only with a wire. General Cable – COCESA provides  bare conductors of different materials: Copper, aluminum, aluminum alloys, steel wire coated aluminum or other quantity of metallic materials.

The copper used for the manufacture of all our conductors, both bare and insulated, it comes from Chilean cathodes Grade A rate of 99.99% purity minimum that ensures maximum quality and conductivity of the cables and wires that our company sells. 

The main uses of bare conductors with aerial transmission and distribution with various levels of voltages or railway catenary. However, their use also extends to more applications such as grounding lines, welding electrode, grounding grids construction or manufacture of magnetic wire, among others.