About Us

Cablec was founded in 1961, and quickly it became the leading brand of cables for electrical conduction. The company maintains its vision of improving to easily adapt to the demands and continuous changes in the Ecuadorian market, to surpass all expectations. For that reason, it staff is constantly trained within and outside the country, in order to efficiently advise its clients
Since 2007 it is part of General Cable Corporation Gruop, a leading innovation with over 170 years of experience. Today it is one of the largest cable manufacturers in the world. It has a team of 11,000 associates working to provide products and new technologies for the construction, maintenance and development of energy transmission infrastructure and information connecting the world.
As the company works to meet the needs of customers, investing in research and development to provide solutions that will make a difference in the future. The ethics and compliance program allows us to advance our eternal mission to gain and maintain the trust of our customers, partners, shareholders and investors.

Our Vision and Values

At General Cable, we share a common set of value-based principles that define the behaviors of all employees and drive a performance-driven culture. Our vision is based on being the manufacturing company most recognized and prestigious wires world, acting with the speed and agility of a small local company with the strength and support of a global company.

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Our Locations

In Ecuador we operate warehouses in Quito and Guayaquil where the headquarters are located in the city of Quito. Maintain product inventory low, medium and high voltage, meeting the demands of the local market.
Our offices are located on the Panamericana Norte Highway 5 1/2 km. at Calderon. 

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Our Global Reach

We serve our customers through a global network of production plants in major markets, sales representatives and distribution centers around the world. In each market sector, in almost every country in the world, our company is qualified to provide value to our customers by supporting its objectives and growth plans.

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Our Certifications

At General Cable, we believe in delivering innovation and quality that matters. As an industry leader whose products power and connect the world, we focus our expertise and R&D investments on developing solutions to meet the high quality, safety and environmental standards that our customers and communities expect from us.