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COBRE CERRILLOS S.A. - COCESA, was founded in 1950 in order to manufacture products of Copper, Aluminum and its alloys. Its main business - during its 60-year history - has been manufacturing Copper Rods and electric conductors in Copper and Aluminum. 
In 1968, the company partnered with the American company Phelps Dodge Corporation, at the time, one of the world's leading Copper mining, whose production turn was integrated from mining exploration to commercialisation of electrical cables and other industrial products. 
In 2007, Cobre Cerrillos S.A. – COCESA,  was acquired by GENERAL CABLE, one of the leading companies in the world that develops, designs, manufactures, commercialise and distributes Copper, Aluminum and Fiber Optic cables in the energy segments, industry, specialties and communications. General Cable now has Plants in 26 countries across five continents and employs more than 13,000 workers.
Both for its long history, as the high level of production, GENERAL CABLE - COCESA has played a fundamental role in the development of Chile and other countries in the region. Its success is due to the commitment and dedication of its employees, the quality of products and the support of its customers, suppliers and partners.

Our Vision and Values

At General Cable we uphold our philosophy and share our solid principles based on values that define the behavior of all our partners and have a vision of being the most highly regarded culture of high performance. With a focus on our strengths, we are building stronger connections between our people and with our customers.  Together we are General Cable.

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Our Locations

In Chile we operate a production plant for products of low, medium and high voltage; In addition, we support on our global reach to distribute special products of American and European standards, acting with the agility of a local company but with the strength of an international company. We are One Company, Connecting the World.

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Our Global Reach

We serve our customers through a global network of production plants in major markets, sales representatives and distribution centers around the world. In each market sector, in almost every country in the world, our company is qualified to provide value to our customers by supporting their objectives and growth plans.

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Our Certifications

At General Cable, we believe in delivering innovation and quality that matters. As an industry leader whose products power and connect the world, we focus our expertise and R&D investments on developing solutions to meet the high quality, safety and environmental standards that our customers and communities expect from us.

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