Byggevareforordning (CPR)


Safety is one of General Cable’s 6 strategic values. The work carried out on fire-related safety and on the fire behavior of cables has been a long journey. General Cable has taken part in it for the last 30 years.

The Construction Product Regulation is the final part of this task to reduce the negative consequences of fire. We can work on prevention to limit the number of fires, but there will always be fires. We must therefore work to reduce the consequences of these fires, and cables have an influence on fires.

General Cable has formed an active part of this CPR development through several Cable Manufacturers’ associations and Standardization groups in Europe.

CPR is now a reality since the official publication of the EN 50575 Standard on 10th of June last.

CPR compliant cables can now be sold on the European market and, after the 1st of July 2017, CPR non-compliant cables will no longer have the authorization to be placed on the market. That is an important decision and evolution of our European market. It means that by mid-next year at the latest all cables installed will offer better safety conditions verified by Third Party Labs.

Before this 12-month transition period, our best in class R&D department has been working hard to provide you with cables now tested by Third party Notified Bodies and certified according to a fire class level.

General Cable provides you with all the information necessary and a list of questions and answers to know more about CPR and the list of cables already CPR compliant.