General Cable launches a new generation of cables: Genfire HCF

General Cable Innovation Contributes To Safety & Passive Fire Protection In The Oil & Gas Industry
The new passive fire protection generation of Genfire® offshore cables contribute to raising on-board safety and cost savings in the engineering and construction project phases.
General Cable, an international cable industry leader, has developed a new offshore cable solution that raises the electrical cable protection against fire hazards on offshore oil rigs.
In the event of a fire occurring in an offshore facility, the electrical systems that serve critical areas such as water pumps, control rooms, process equipment, ventilation, sprinklers, alarms, and other emergency systems, must remain operational. This is critical for the safety of the facility. Electrical circuits must be adequately protected in order to prevent fire escalation, explosion and all types of potential fire scenarios on an oil rig.
The new DNV-GL Type Approved General Cable Genfire® HCF line of product is manufactured with the toughest materials, Favuseal® technology, and designed to exceed the most stringent international cable and fire standards, meeting the  safety needs of today’s oil & gas facilities.


The major differentiating factor compared with traditional cables is the capacity to continue operating under the Hydrocarbon Fire conditions described in NEK 606, EN 1363-2:1999 and ISO-834-3, 200kW/m2, even for circuits with a high voltage rating.

The outstanding fire performance of this new cable has another advantage, this being the cost savings. The Genfire® HCF cable can be directly installed across a Hydrocarbon Fire classified zone without the need for additional fire coating or wrapping. This contributes to a dramatic reduction in the cost of materials, as well as costs associated with engineering, installation and repair operations.

Genfire® HCF fire tests
The total system installation cost should be evaluated based on total material costs, labour, engineering and installation costs, expected life cycle and the associated maintenance and replacement costs. When upgrading existing facilities, disruption to ongoing operations as a result of system installation should also be a key consideration.
Genfire® HCF is the best cable solution for highly complex technology projects and an obvious choice for Extreme Hazard classified zones. General Cable's involvement in innovation strengthens its position as a leader in powering offshore oil rigs.    
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