Submarine Power Cables and Accessories

NSW® Submarine Power Cables are designed for various medium voltage (MV/AC up tp 72.5 kV), high voltage (HV/AC up to 150 kV) and extra high voltage (EHV up to 220 kV) applications. Typical applications are offshore wind farms, the oil & gas industry, island connections, static tidal and wave power applications as well as lake and river crossings. NSW’s experienced project implementation team offers installation capabilities to meet even the most challenging requirements of interconnection, export and infield (array) submarine cable projects.

NSW offers the whole range of mechanical, electrical as well as fiber optical accessories e.g. pulling devices, hang-off heads, cable protection systems, power connectors, cable joints, fibre optic splice equipments and any other required garnitures and supplies.                 

Taking into account the specific customer requirements we offer individual customized accessories.

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