Winding Wire

NSW® Winding Wires for Submersible Motors

NSW’s especially designed winding wires, outfitted with a high-grade insulation impermeable to liquids, offer highest quality for submersible motors and guarantee trouble-free operation and long motor life. They have proven their reliability over many decades and the insulated copper conductors can be immersed in any commonly used liquid.

NSW® Winding Wires consist of a solid or multistranded bare copper conductor insulated by means of a plastic sheath either made of PVC or PE2. PVC-insulated winding wires are generally used for voltages up to 1,000 V and at temperatures up to 75 °C. PE2-insulated winding wires can be used in submersible motors operating at higher voltages as well and at temperatures of up to a maximum of 90 °C. Increased heat resistance is achieved by cross-linking the polyethylene.

The insulation wall thickness depends on the operating voltage.
For voltage above 3kV, recommendation is to use a semiconducting layer (HL) between the copper conductor and the insulating sheath. The surface of NSW® Winding Wires which are insulated with PE2 have a thin outer layer of polyamide (PA) for surface protection.

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