Nuclear Cable 

Advanced Reliability, Safety and Sustainability
With more than 40 years track record of providing optimized nuclear cables with proven reliability, performance and safety, we continue to meet the needs of nuclear facilities. As a strong proponent of energy independence, alternative energy and sustainability, we offer technology-driven nuclear cable designs to provide an infrastructure for long-standing nuclear power operations.
Innovation for Next Generation Nuclear Power
Backed by a commitment to understand and solve nuclear application challenges, we offer the most rigorous requirements for modifications, upgrades and new construction of nuclear facilities.
General Cable has provided energy cables for Areva’s III-generation EPR reactor in Flamanville (France) as well as Class 1E cables and Category K3 cables for the renovation of the Spanish and French park respectively during more than 40 years.
Quality Assurance and Dedication Guaranteed
Our committed R&D, manufacturing, engineering, quality assurance and sales teams are valuable resource to satisfy and support complex nuclear business.
Nuclear quality assurance program for K3 cables is compliant with RCC-E chapter A 5200, SGAQ 2004/04 and ISO 9001. From the fire performance standpoint, the cables meet the provisions of NF standard C 32 070 - category C1 – and IEC standard 60332-3 category B.
Nuclear quality assurance program for 1E cables is compliant with UNE-73401, NUREG-0588 and ISO 9001. For the fire compliance IEEE-373.1974
  • Low and medium voltage cables category K3 for AREVA reactors. Following: CST 74C 068 ; IEC 60-332-3-23 (category B); NFC 32-070 category C1 and CEI 61034-1(smoke opacity)
  • Low voltage power cables, Instrumentation cables, Control Cables class 1E for Westinghouse reactors.
    Following:  s/3860-E-030C (1978), IEEE 323 (1974), IEEE 383 (1974) ), IPCEA S-19-81 (1969)