CV-Cured Portable Mining Cable

Designed to complement our Anaconda® Brand product line of mining cables, the Carol® Brand of CV-cured portable cables are engineered to provide you with cost-effective yet dependable performance over the life of the cable for all power and control cable applications where the cables will not encounter a high degree of flexing and physical abuse.
The Carol® Brand line of Industrial Cord products are heavy-duty single conductor and multi-conductor cords that are used in various heavy- duty temporary and permanent power applications where flexibility and durability are critical. The Carolprene® and Super Vu-Tron® family of industrial Cord represents the most comprehensive line of products and carry a full range of listings and certifications with UL, CSA, OSHA, MSHA, ICEA and other relevant industry standards.

CV-Cured Portable Power Mining Cable
  • Super Vu-Tron® Single Conductor, 90°C (UL), Type W, 2000 Volt and Type RHH/RHW, 600 Volt
  • Super Vu-Tron® Multi-Conductor Type W Round, 90°C (UL), 2000 Volt   
  • Super Vu-Tron® Type G and Type G-GC Round, 90°C (UL), 2000 Volt
  • Super Vu-Tron® Welding Cable, 90°C, 600 Volt, UL/CSA, RHH/RHW
  • Super Vu-Tron® Single Conductor Type W Extra-Flex, 90°C, 2000 Volt, UL Listed
  • Carolprene® 105ºC Welding Cable, 600 Volt, MSHA Approved
  • Carolprene® 90ºC Welding Cable, 600 Volt