M85045F & M49291C Blown Fiber Optic Tubes, Fiber and Accessories

Based on a combination of our extensive experience in developing military fiber optic cable and our original commercial blown optical fiber (BOF) technology, our M85045- and M49291-qualified Blolite® BOF systems for U.S. Navy shipboard applications provide you with a flexible future-proof fiber installation in challenging environments. With over 500 miles of military Blolite® fiber already installed on several aircraft carriers and amphibious assault vessels, you can count on Blolite® to meet all relevant Mil Specs, including flame, smoke and toxicity requirements.

Ideal for accommodating quick reconfigurations, changes and upgrades at sea without the need for new cable installation, Blolite® blowable fiber is blown into or out of tubes that are available in M85045-qualified single microduct or seven-tube multiduct options with an enhanced thermoset jacket system for superior performance. Blolite® is available in singlemode or multimode fiber types, and up to 12 Blolite® fibers can be deployed per tube for simplified high-density installation.

M85045F Blown Fiber Optical Tubes:

  • M85045/25: Seven 8mm Tubes, Thermoset, Blown Optical Fiber
  • M85045/26: One 8mm Tube, Thermoset, Blown Optical Fiber
M49291C Blown Optical Fiber:
  • M49291/6-05: Multimode, 500μm, Blown Optical Fiber
  • M49291/7-02: Singlemode, 500μm, Blown Optical Fiber
Blown Optical Fiber Accessories:
  • AA-59731-U-8E — 8mm Tube Union
  • AA-59731-T-8E — 8mm Tube Tee
  • AA-59731-EC-8E — 8mm End Cap
  • AA-59728-TFP-8 — 8mm Tube Fitting Plug
  • Raychem SFTS-1 — Adhesive/Sealant Tape
  • AA-59730-TTP-2 — Tapered Tube Plug (2 - 6 fibers)
  • AA-59730-TTP-3 — Tapered Tube Plug (8 - 12 fibers)
  • Tube Clips (TM-08) SMC
  • Tube Cutter
  • Cutter Replacement Blades