Wind Cable

From the nacelle and tower of the wind turbine where electricity is created to the step-up transformer where the electricity is transferred to the collection system, and from the substation to the power grid, General Cable provides a broad range of renewable energy products for the terrestrial and offshore wind markets. 

Cable Offering

The  Exzhellent® Vent line of flexible tray cables provide the required flexibility to address torsion requirements associated with Wind Turbine Nacelle applications. General Cable can recommend the right cable to address your specific wind application requirements.

Nacelle Cable 

  • Exzhllent® Vent LV
  • Tenaflex®
  • Exzhellent® Mobile   
Medium-Voltage Power
  • Exzhellent® Vent MV
 Cable Assemblies
  • Custom-Designed, Application-Specific Cable Assemblies — Stripping, Kitting or Custom Connectors as Required 
Connection to Grid (Onshore)
Medium-Voltage XLPE or HEPR insulated cables interconnect onshore WTG and export power to the grid.

HV/EHV XLPE cables export power from offshore WTG to the grid
Full range of fiber optics for all applications:
  • NSW®
  • Ocean®