Onshore Cables

General Cable’s onshore cables meet LNG, petrochemical and refinery project requirements.These projects demand products that are able to perform in extreme conditions.

General Cable has successfully supplied cable for challenging projects ranging from the extreme cold of northern Russia to the heat of the deserts in the Middle East.Our product offering includes low-, medium-, and high-voltage power, control, instrumentation, data and telecommunications cables.
General Cable’s extensive range of products provide our customers with the ability to obtain all of the cables required on a project from one supplier. Our experience in this market sector has resulted in innovative services such as technical support at the FEED stage of the projects to ensure that the best cabling solution is specified to meet the requirements of the project.
General Cable’s strong reputation in this industry is reflected in its brands - Silec® high- and extrahigh- voltage cable systems, Armigron® armoured cables, Exzhellent® low-smoke, halogen-free cables, and Arctic-Flex® low temperature cables.