Low Voltage Power Cables

General Cable’s Energy® single and multi-core low-voltage power cables are ideally suited for use in a broad range of commercial, industrial and utility applications where outstanding reliability and maximum performance is critical. 

Our designs of Exzhellent® Low-Smoke Halogen-Free Fire-Retardant cables are ideal for closed environments or highly populated areas such as auditoriums, arenas, hotels, and airports where more stringent requirements for fire performance are demanded.

Segurfoc® & Genfire® Low-Smoke Halogen-Free Fire-Resistant cables provide circuit integrity in case if fire, keeping in operation critical safety systems in public premises to facilitate fire fighting and the safe and rapid evacuation of the facilities.

Tenaflex® rubber insulated and sheathed cables are designed to withstand indoor and outdoor use in

Energy® Cables

Available for all types of industrial applications for fixed installations. More >>

Exzhellent® Cables

Available with special sheath to address challenging fire safety requirements. More >>

Segurfoc® & Genfire® Cables

Available with special insulation to provide fire resistance.
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Tenaflex® Cables

Available for all types of industrial applications for mobile installations. More >>