GenInst Cables

General Cable offers a wide range of instrumentation cables to cater for the needs of industrial processes’ capturing of sensor data for controlling purposes.

Exzhellent® Signal and Segurfoc® alarm are flexible one-pair screened instrumentation cables rated 300/500 V especially designed for alarm systems. They are very suitable for installations where fire performance is required for the safety of people and prevention of economic losses.

GenInst cables are pairs, triads or quads constructions used for the transmission of analogue or digital signals in measurement and control processes. They are designed in order to protect the signals that are transmitted through them and may incorporate features to adapt to many different requirements for the industry: UV resistance, flame retardancy, oil resistance, termite resistance, etc may be added on request.

Exzhellent® Signal Cables

Available with special sheath to address challenging fire safety requirements. More >>

Segurfoc® Alarm Cables

Available with special insulation system to provide fire resistance and to address challenging fire safety requirements. More >>

GenInst cables

Available for all types of industrial applications for fixed installations. More >>