Segurfoc® & Genfire® Cables

Segurfoc® & Genfire® armoured cables are for use in the distribution of low voltage power in fixed indoor installations where circuit integrity is required in case of fire. Theirs designs include an armour that offers extra-protection from mechanical abuse using steel for multi-core cables and aluminium for single-core cables. Low-smoke halogen-free (LSOH) polyolefin sheath compounds may accommodate many combinations of requirements such as UV resistance, oil and hydrocarbons resistance, flame retardancy, extra-low temperature, termite and fungus resistance, etc.

Cable Offering:

Segurfoc® types XZ1AZ1 (frs, zh) and XAZ1 (frs. zh) rated at 0,6/1 kV offer rigid copper conductors, Mica tape plus XLPE insulation, LSOH inner covering, steel or aluminium tape armour and LSOH sheath.

Segurfoc®-LAV types RZ1FA3Z1-K Mica and RZ1F3Z1-K Mica offer flexible copper class 5 conductors, XLPE insulation, LSOH inner covering , steel or aluminium corrugated tape armour and LSOH sheath. These cables are designed for the railway infrastructure, being especially recommended for the safety systems in tunnels.

Genfire® FRA 950 types RZ1MZ1 Mica are designed according to standard BS 7846 and complying with stringent fire resistance requirements of category CWZ to BS 6387. Its galvanized steel wire armour provides excellent mechanical protection and may be used as grounding conductor if required.