Armigron® Cables

Armigron® cables are for use in the distribution of low and medium voltage power in fixed indoor and outdoor installations. Their design includes an armour that offers extra-protection from mechanical abuse using steel for multi-core cables and aluminium for single-core cables. PVC sheath compounds may accommodate many combinations of requirements such as UV resistance, oil and hydrocarbons resistance, flame retardancy, extra-low temperature, termite and fungus resistance, etc.

Cable Offering:

Armigron® -M types RVhMAVh-K and RVhMVh-K rated at 0,6/1 kV offer flexible copper class 5 conductors, XLPE insulation, PVC inner covering, galvanized steel or aluminium wire armour and PVC sheath. are

Sectorflex® solution is available for two, three and four core cables with conductors 50 mm2 and bigger. Designs with additional lead layer are available on request.

Armigron® -F types U-1000 RVFV, U-1000 ARVFV, RVFAV, RVFV, LSVAV and EXAVB-F2 offer rigid copper or aluminium classes 1 and 2 conductors, XLPE insulation, PVC inner covering , steel or aluminium tape armour and PVC sheath.

Medium voltage cables up to 18/30 kV are also available with the same set of performance requirements as per the low-voltage range.