Turnkey Solutions

Benefiting from years of experience, General Cable’s HV/EHV specialists provide superior turnkey services for new cable projects or the upgrade of existing cable circuits. From system and installation engineering, project management and testing to diagnosis, post-project services and training, General Cable is your best partner to install, test and service your entire cable system 

System Engineering & Management
Our HV/EHV specialists work to develop cab le and circuit design according to your specification. Through our experienced and skilled project managers and technicians, General Cable is able to take your project from system design to installation and termination while providing the management and consulting needed to ensure that your project runs smoothly and efficiently. 

  • Complete and custom cable system design 
  • Project, safety and environmental management and consulting 
  • On-site installation, termination and coordination

On-Site Testing
On-Site Testing General Cable performs all types of site testing needed to ensure that your system will perform and operate effectively and efficiently while meeting all required standards.
  • Cable route visual inspection 
  • Serving test on oversheaths 
  • Investigation of leaks (SF6, oil) and system faults and failures
  • HV-resonant tests and partial discharge measurement
  • Comprehensive test reports

Diagnosis & Spare Parts
External events can affect your network and reduce its life expectancy. Ongoing diagnosis and assessment of your network today can help you avoid problems tomorrow. General Cable’s highly advanced technical consultants and laboratories in France are well-equipped to investigate materials and components. Our experts put forth their technical knowledge to conduct comprehensive site testing, implement immediate preventive measures, and continually assess and renew your spare parts inventory to maintain ongoing operations.
  • Problem analysis and solutions 
  • Prompt maintenance and replacement of circuit parts 
  • Preventive technical assessments: Material and component testing
  • Ongoing spare parts delivery Training General Cable testing & commissioning truck 

General Cable’s Silec training center provides your maintenance crews with the information they need to ensure a high level of knowledge on all Silec products, joints and terminations.
  • Customized training sessions 
  • On-site training delivery 
  • Ongoing refreshing of knowledge