AC & DC Systems

With unrivalled expertise and turnkey project management, General Cable provides the innovation, quality and service to transmit power reliably and cost-effectively from production to consumption areas, from one national grid to another.

General Cable’s Silec® Brand has been recognized in the global electric utility market for almost half a century as the brand for HV & EHV solutions.

50 years of worldwide high-& extra-high-voltage firsts for AC

The Silec® brand name has been synonymous with solid-dielectric extruded cable solutions for nearly fifty years. General Cable offers a fully integrated approach to providing a comprehensive range of quality Silec® high-and extra-high-voltage cable systems. They are designed, engineered and manufactured to ensure maximum service life and best-in-class performance while maintaining cost effectiveness.
With Silec® solid dielectric extruded High-and Extra-High- Voltage (HV/EHV) cable systems, General Cable provides its global customers with superior cable system solutions that offer maximum flexibility and service life.
General Cable’s HV/EHV underground transmission cables are reliable and environmentally sound, to meet the needs of current and future utility transmission systems. They exceed the requirements of our customers’ technical specifications while meeting international standards like IEC 60840, IEC 62067, ICEA S-108-720, and AEIC CS9.

Proven technology for DC
General Cable was a pioneer in the development and production of HV/ EHV cable systems insulated with extruded dielectric. This technology proved to be the most appropriate for DC long high power connections as it is about nearly maintenance free, easy to install and environment friendly.
After having developed and qualified 270 kV cable systems based on LCC conversion device during the 90’s, General Cable has maintained R&D efforts and is now able to offer a complete ±320 kV extruded cable system.