Low Voltage Conductor & Cable for Distribution Lines

From the low voltage public distribution network to your electrical applications, whatever the domain is, industry, public or private constructions, our cables are designed to provide the suitable power in the best conditions of reliability and safety.

Our harmonized HAR cables are manufactured and tested in accordance with applicable European CENELEC standards (EN). We also specifically developed cables meeting national standards, like UNE in Spain, NF C in France, BS in the UK.

Our complete line of low voltage cables are available in numerous conductor design and cable assembly options to meet your specific low voltage distribution and cabling needs and ensure reliable service for your commercial and residential customers.

Starting from the low voltage public network, our Sirlec® (C33-210 - H1 XDVA) and Aeroprex® (C33-209) cables transfer the energy to houses, buildings and industries in both underground and aerial configuration.
The Armigron® cables are designed to be used in directly buried installations.

The cabling inside the different buildings and industries are insured by our harmonized Genlis® cables for voltages up to 750V and by Energy® cables up to 1000V.

Developed for classified buildings able to receive people, like hospitals, schools…, our Halogen-free Exzhellent® cables are easy to install and feature a Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) jacket system that reduces the amount of gas and smoke emission in the event of a fire, providing a high level of safety for people and goods.

The Energy® and Exzhellent® ranges of cables are insulated with cross-linked polyethylene and can be permanently used up to a temperature of 90°C on core.

For intrinsic safety circuits, as security lighting or smoke evacuation systems, our Segurfoc® and Genfire® are designed to continue the transmission of energy during the fire, allowing a quicker evacuation of the buildings and an easier intervention of the firefighters.

The following families of cables are designed to meet the hardest requirements needed in special applications:

  • Exzhellent® Solar: Zero Halogen, flexible UV resistant cables to connect the panels of the photovoltaic power plants. These cables are homologated by the German TÜV and by the LCIE for France.
  • Tenaflex® (H07RN-F): Harmonized flexible heavy duty cables for mobile use, resisting to oil and hydrocarbons.
  • Flexalum®: flexible aluminium cable for earthing applications in railways installations.
  • Tri-Rated: High Temperature PVC cables (105°C)
  • Biggflex®: flexible PVC cables H05 VV-F.
  • Plastigron® and Movilflex®: screened cables used for data transmission in buildings and process control in the industry.
  • Power cables according to K3 category for nuclear power plants.
All these ranges of cables are tested and homologated by the different European Laboratories (AENOR, TÜV, LCIE, LPCB, UKAS, EDF, ..) to get licences of use in the different European countries: HAR, NF-USE....
Thus, the quality of our cables is managed in a day to day process verified by external third part bodies.