Construction Products Regulation (CPR)

Frequently Asked Questions


The purpose of this Document is to provide our customers with full information on the Construction Products Regulation. This list of questions and answers constitutes a summary of the knowledge at our disposal in July 2016.
It cannot be construed as being binding in any way on General Cable. 

  1. Purpose of the CPR

  2. Performance levels for cables in compliance with the CPR and Cables concerned

  3. Definition of the term “construction projects”

  4. Definition of the manufacturer within the meaning of the CPR

  5. Start of marketing

  6. CPR requirements covering cables imported from countries outside the EU

  7. Manufacturer’s obligations within the framework of the CPR  

  8. Declaration of performance (DoP)

  9. Obtaining a DoP

10. Contact address

11. The DoP regarding emission of hazardous substances

12. Suitable Fire Reaction Classes

13. System for assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance levels

14. Authenticity of the CE marking

15. Timing of the CE marking

16. CE marking on the cables

17. Mark of local quality regarding the CPR

18. Compatibility of the CE marking within the meaning of the CPR and the Low Voltage Directive.

19. Wholesalers/distributors regarding the CPR

20. Application of the CPR in Europe and elements specific to each country

21. National regulations regarding the CPR

22. Will all the European cables be harmonized?

23. Technical modifications on cables

24. Competent Authorities likely to ask the manufacturer to provide them with the information and documentation necessary to determine the conformity of a given construction product with the DoP

25. Information about the requirements concerning a product in a Member State

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