Low Voltage 1kV


General Cable offers a broad range of high quality 1kV copper and aluminum cables that meet or exceed industry standards, and deliver proven performance over the life of the building.

Building Wire is the most frequently specified wiring solution for both residential and non-residential construction projects. General Cable offers a complete line of Copper and Aluminum Building wire to serve virtually all the requirements of the electrical industry.

General Cable’s copper and aluminum building wire and cable are installed in many commercial, institution and residential buildings across  the world.

Developed for classified buildings able to receive people, like hospitals, schools…, our Halogen-free Exzhellent® cables are easy to install and feature a Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) jacket system that reduces the amount of gas and smoke emission in the event of a fire, providing a high level of safety for people and goods.

The Energy® and Exzhellent® ranges of cables are insulated with cross-linked polyethylene and can be permanently used up to a temperature of 90°C on core.

For intrinsic safety circuits, as security lighting or smoke evacuation systems, our Segurfoc® and Genfire® are designed to continue the transmission of energy during the fire, allowing a quicker evacuation of the buildings and an easier intervention of the firefighters.  

All these ranges of cables are tested and homologated by the different European Laboratories to get licenses of use in the different European countries.

Thus, the quality of our cables is managed in a day to day process verified by external third part bodies.