Cables for others applications

General Cable proposes specific and customized solutions for all the different needs of customers.

Cables for wrapping (COE) around High / Extra-High voltage aerial power lines:

 Fiber optic cable wrapping on phase or ground wires of aerial power lines (from low voltage to very-high voltage) is an interesting alternative for very-high bit rate communications in rural areas or between cities. Compared with traditionnal solutions (all dielectric self supporting cables,…), this solution brings cost-savings : no need of new civil-works, no need of poles’ reinforcement…

Optical Phase Ground Wire (OPGW) for High / Extra-High voltage aerial power lines:

General Cable group can offer a large range of NSW® OPGW cables up to 144 optical fibres.

General cable offers a technical assistance: choice of solutions, information about laying and jointing of optical fibre cables etc... Please contact us at