Fiber Optic

Since 1983, General Cable has successfully supplied the major telecom operators, contractors and distributors in more than 70 countries. The cable designs and the controlled manufacturing processes ensure maintaining the optical characteristics of the bare fibers while proposing solutions for all kind of environment: duct, buried, aerial, indoor, tunnel, among others. As compared to conventional cables, the μSheath® design brings unique benefits inducing significant time and cost savings at all levels (engineering, civil works, laying, jointing, etc.), such as:

  • Suitable to any type of fiber and environment
  • Ultra-compactness, lightweight, easy to use
  • Modular design and easy entry/fibre access (both at cable end and mid-span)
  • Suitable to all current laying and jointing techniques
Similar cable using loose tube construction can also be proposed for capacity up to 144OF.
General Cable can propose customized cable solutions and offer a technical assistance: choice of solutions, information about laying and jointing of optical fiber cables, etc. Please contact us at

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