Shruti Singhal, new President of General Cable Europe

"Our goal is to be the best on the European market"

Shruti Singhal, the new President of General Cable Europe, graduated in Chemical Engineering and holds a master’s degree in this subject from Drexel University. He also completed the Global Marketing Management Program at the University of Pennsylvania. Married with one son, during his career he has held management positions in important multinational companies (Cognis/BASF, Dow, Rohm & Haas, Henkel) from sectors such as the graphic arts, personal hygiene, paper, water treatment, etc. Before joining General Cable, he served as Vice President and General Manager of Solenis. He has lived in North America and Europe and has strong leadership skills and experience in customer orientation of the business and in achieving excellence in the operational, technological and cultural spheres.


What are your first impressions on becoming President of General Cable in Europe?
I am very happy to form part of the General Cable family and I have no words to express my gratitude for the warm welcome that I have received. It is very pleasant to return to Europe, which my family and I consider as our second home, having lived in Paris. We are delighted to begin our new life in Barcelona.
What activities have you undertaken on your first days in the position?
During the first month I have travelled extensively to all of the company’s facilities in Europe. I have been able to talk with many of General Cable’s employees and I have discovered that the different languages are not a barrier to growth, when you have the same goal: to be the best on the European market. It was exciting to see the cultural journey that GC is on with the great values and behaviors that were created by none other than all of you; this is a fantastic accomplishment and tremendous commitment of our European team.  Profitably growing the business with our customers by respecting and caring for one another in a safe, compliant and ethical manner with extraordinary team work is representative of a very high performing team.
What goals have you set yourself on accepting this new responsibility?
First, to continue with the excellent work carried out by the entire European team, who have succeeded in placing General Cable in a position of international leadership. Second, to continue growing in the different business areas together with our customers, with several whom we have successful collaborative partnerships. Third, to reinforce the company’s values, always respecting the environment and being sensitive to the cultural differences of each country where we do business. At the same time, we will continue to focus on increasing the quality of customer service and provide our employees with a career development path, while providing the best opportunities for growth in a safe work environment.
How do you approach the internal relations between the company’s different business units and sites in Europe? And with the customers?
As we continue this cultural journey, we will see gradual improvements in our relationships internally and externally, our trust and bonds for each other will be strong as never before, we will be proud of being a General Cable employee; to summarize, our performance will be outstanding and we will have fun!   We are going to strengthen these links, consolidating a feeling of pride in forming part of the General Cable team, a team which always has a winning mentality. Cultural transformation is a journey and while we have made progress we still have work to do in the coming months.  As for customer relations, I plan to continue to work with our team in maintaining a continuous and open dialogue with customers, to understand their needs and expectations at all times. This will enable us to provide them with the best service and strengthens our collaboration.
What growth expectations do you think General Cable has in Europe over the coming years?
The company already has an excellent presence and reputation in Europe, but the future can be even better. Over the last few years numerous actions have been undertaken to adapt the company to the current market reality, demonstrating its great flexibility and the resilience of our employees to accept and assimilate change. We will continue to focus in improving our operational efficiency and cost position, manage our cash flow and grow based market demand in key strategic business segments. Our manufacturing sites must operate in a profitable and safe manner and we must manage our working capital effectively. The ultimate objective of all this is to offer our customers the best service and to supply them with the highest quality products at the right time.
What consequences do you think that the application of the European CPR regulation is having in the sector?
It is a clearly positive regulation because it gives more safety for the end consumer in case of fire. We have not only adapted quickly to the changes introduced by the CPR but have lead the market by supporting our customers. In this respect, we are helping them with the best technical service and support. I sincerely believe that the influence of this European regulation is being very positive in all aspects.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their trust and loyalty towards General Cable.  Your belief in us is what helps us get better and improve every day.  On behalf of each General Cable associate I can assure that we are all committed to your success and growth.  We will continue to work on new innovative solutions based on latest market trends by collaborating and partnering with you.  Once again on behalf of General Cable and all its employees we all sincerely thank you for your business and partnership.