General Cable presents a new generation of the Exzhellent® Mar range

General Cable, the leading company in the international cable sector, launches onto the market a new generation of its Exzhellent® Mar range, which includes medium voltage, low voltage and instrumentation and control cables for installations on vessels and offshore platforms. These cables are designed and manufactured for use at sea, prepared to withstand the most demanding conditions of the marine environment.

One of the main characteristics of the new generation of Exzhellent® Mar cables is their great flexibility, obtained by incorporating special materials combined with Cu CI5. They are cables which are easy to peel and connect, leading to a considerable saving in installation time and costs in addition to contributing to a safer work environment. The Sectorflex® cross-section of these cables, a result of General Cable’s advanced technology, notably reduces their weight and diameter, especially important factors in naval construction.

The new Exzhellent® Mar series moreover stands out for the high quality of its cables, in line with the company’s philosophy of constant commitment to high-tech products with proven performance. For installers, using them is a guarantee of success, on avoiding the incidents that often tend to occur with cables of lower quality present on the market. Quality is synonymous with safety, a key factor in any installation, even more so when offshore.

Check the new Exzhellent® Mar brochure here.