General Cable launches a microsite for their OGP range of products

Barcelona, September 2017.- General Cable, leader company in the cable sector at an international scale, has communicated the launching of a microsite on their OGP (Oil, Gas and Petrochemical) range of products, intended for extraction and treatment plants of petroleum and gas in offshore, onshore and submarine facilities.

The microsite is an innovative and interactive tool which details several examples of the different types of cables for the OGP segment, as well as the services offered by General Cable in the sector. Its content, very visual and dynamic, is ideal for presentations in meetings with clients, as well as exhibitions and sectorial congresses, as it includes many videos and 3D animations.

This tool is compatible with all kinds of devices connected to Internet, from PCs to iPads or tablets, including also Smart TVs, as well as all operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS, etc.). It can also be downloaded as a web app, and used offline in any kind of equipment. Its use is open to anyone interested, although its design has been planned mainly for specialized commercial teams which carry out presentations of General Cable’s OGP products.

The project has required a preparation of a year, the necessary time to compile all the information and shoot and edit the videos. The marketing team has developed the microsite with the collaboration of the OGP team –technicians and commercials in Barcelona (Spain) and Aberdeen (United Kingdom) offices, as well as the teams working in Manlleu (Spain), Nordenham (Germany) and Montereau (France) factories–. The videos had the collaboration of General Cable employees in the Spanish sites of Abrera, Casanova, Montcada and Manlleu. 

About General Cable

General Cable is a cable manufacturer that provides innovative solutions, with a track record of more than 170 years. The company has over 11,000 employees and generates 4 billion dollars in revenues, which makes them a worldwide cable manufacturing leader.

The company provides service to their clients through a global network of 38 factories in their core operating regions, with sales representatives and distribution centers across the globe. It focuses on the production of high-quality aluminum cable, copper and fiber optic wire and cable and systems solutions for the energy, construction, industrial, specialty and communications industries. With a vast portfolio of products to meet thousands of diverse application requirements, the company continues to invest in research and development in order to maintain and extend its technology leadership by developing new materials, designing new products and creating new solutions to meet tomorrow’s market challenges.

General Cable enjoys great prestige in both technology and manufacturing as well as in distribution and logistics, marketing, sales and customer service.  This winning combination enables the company to provide its customers with excellent service and ensure their ongoing development and growth.

As a large and stable company with extensive expertise, General Cable offers reliability and a team that responds quickly to provide tailored solutions for individual clients, both locally and globally.