All Ground®: a real problem-solver

Norwegian power companies are currently building a considerable number of hydro Power Stations in the mountains. One of these projects is the Vassenden power station, a project which is taking maximum advantage of the new All Ground® cable from General Cable. The cable is laid in water to prevent environmental interference and supplies power during the construction period, eventually becoming the power transmission line to consumers.

Due to the location of the Vassenden Power Station, TSLF All Ground® 1x400 mm2 Dual sheath cable will be laid mainly in water, down to a depth of 80 metres. The All Ground® Dual sheath cable construction gives a very robust cable with extra powerful and grooved outer sheath. As seen in the pictures in this article, it is magnificent scenery, with huge differences in altitude and a very inaccessible terrain. By laying the cable in the lake, we avoid the environmental damage that would have been caused by the construction of a road and ditches.

Backfilling with local mass
The cable can be laid in ditches dominated by local mass from the construction site. The cable is becoming a problem-solver by avoiding transportation of large amounts of imported backfilling mass from areas far from the construction site, and the unique features are fully utilized at Vassenden Power Station.
The cable will first supply the power during the construction of the power plant, then, when the plant is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2019, the power direction will be turned, and the same cable will take the power from the power plant to the consumers.

Clean energy
The Power Plant is being built at a several hundred metre high waterfall in Leirfjord Municipality, and will produce clean energy for decades to come. The waterfall from the mountain lakes will be utilized in a power station in Vassenden. The water from these lakes will be led in tunnels down to the power station at the bottom of the tunnel.

Photo: Terje Karstensen.  As part of the green shift, a Norwegian power producer is building a large Power plant in Leirfjord municipality in northern Norway. The power plant will be located inside the mountain and generate clean energy. 

Photo: Terje Karstensen
Each drum contains more than 7200 metres of TSLF All Ground® 1x400 mm2 Cable and the gross weight is 30 tons. 

General Cable’s All Ground® Cable. A real problem-solver.